Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

A Beautiful Friendship Story

            In this writing, I’ll try to tell a story that ever happened to me about some years ago. A interesting experience that will be a beautiful romance living in this most beautiful earth. Some the important value life, I can take from it out. This story is begun when I was approximately 15 years ago when I still sat in junior high school. I had some the value friends where they always made me known what’s mean life. They are from a simple family that living at small village. I admired that life must be endured hard to earn a value price life. One of the ways were the work hard to reach what you want, trying be the best, and praying to God namely giving all our effort to God. Don’t once give up to the fat is the key be success.

            I remembered when I ridden bicycle with them together in the morning. I frequently met them on the way when I went to school. We went to school together while kidding and happiness follow journey us by old bad bicycle. I was very happy had some good friends like them as I could more learn from their living. My school let far enough from my village. It let in banjardawa village approximately 10 km from my village. On the way we ever experienced a bad event. Unfortunately, the tire of my bicycle exploded whereas to repair my cycle must walked far enough then willing of them to walk together me toward place it. They say to me, if we went to school together, we arrived there must be together well. We had to endure this pain together well. “No one that left you here”, one of them said. My heart is touched by their speaking, I didn’t speak again, their goodness make my sense as if I met with helper angels. Then, we walked slowly following the village way. We chance kidding to overcome our tired where along day was so hot and sweat so swift dropped all our body. After some hour later, finally we met a place where my cycle could be repaired. Time had showed at 10.00 o’clock. We should arrive at school before a half past eight so that we had been late there. After we waited about one hour, last my cycle had been perfect. I pay some money to him and I didn’t bring enough money. I was confused and my face be pale should I say to him, my friend saw me and took some money from pocket out and gave me directly. I was surprised whether they know what happened to me, I was shame to accept it. One of them said,” here our money, accepted it please, we know your money wasn’t enough to pay it”. I doubt to receive it, but my friends always said,” we never mind,” then I accepted it perhaps my heart was still shame about all events to me today. Once, I must grateful to them by all goodness. I didn’t how I replied all goodness them. They helped me sincerely but in my heart always sure, the next time I could help them whenever for ever. I never forgot this event till my time could meet with my god. Now, I’m 20 years old but I have not met yet with them. I didn’t know when I had time to meet them but I was sure whenever I didn’t all goodness them.


Andy purwanto