Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

The important religious life for children

                 The humans are created the perfect form by the greatest creator is ALLAH. They have some features than the others creature. We should say grateful very much with all features that have given to us. This is a great problem, if still many someone in a certain place do criminals to their body. Therefore, they fell shame with no perfection their body so that bravely they change one of all part their body. They go to hospital to meet doctor or physician that can help them. They don’t aware with their action that actually this is great sin and they are very hate by ALLAH. Even though, the weak confidence make they kill self. As a writer sees the actual problem nowadays feel no believe they can do actions cruel to them. In addition, most of them are children where they still have not known a life. Look a fact in this country, the economic factors is primary problems cause it. Most of them are the poor society  that have lees money to fill their necessity. Supporting of their family especially teaching to their children how apply religious life in daily activities is best solution to prevent it. The strong religion can able make their children have understanding about whether this actions may do or no. The religious life makes us understand to do a goodness and avoid a wickedness. This are  very important  for our living because  life is confident many problems must be encountered by every human. Lets we together begin from self to improve our prayer so that we’ll be nearer to my god to create the better life for now and future.



Andy purwanto



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