Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010


Sometimes, we are encountered with a great life problem in our living. The people are in this earth certainly don’t want instance happened. Otherwise, they are reality that must be accepted as something where impossible we denied. The great creator namely ALLAH have created us with any stories where they are the secrets that never we known. In the rhyme of poetry  say  that  living is  a theatrical where we become players inside, living doesn’t like straight way but followed by bend way. It means that living sometime we feel both happiness and sadness in our living. All stories have been arranged by my god and we must be believed that they are best for us. Every life problem certainly has solution. Don’t afraid and try to wake up if you experience it and encourage yourself to smile so you feel calm down. One of hadis says if you are angry when you stand up as soon as you sit and if you are angry when you sit as soon as you let down. This is one of ways avoid when we are angry. Actually all life problem are examination from my god to examine them whether they encounter strongly or weekly. If we are strong, it means we are classified piety and patient man or woman, but if we are week, it means we are classified man or woman that enable encounter its examination. Certainly, only strong man that able and will be given reward to go to very beautiful paradise. Once we must be sure that after difficulty, happiness waiting you. Don’t give up friends and exactly you are smile every life problem picks up you. At first trying then surrendering to my god and surely it is best for you.

Numerous life problems pick up you, smiling will wait…………


Andy Purwanto

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