Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Don’t be crazy Andy……” a chirruping song My roommate…..

I’m boys but I like literatures. Although, many people say especially my roommate even give a crazy judgment and it is very insane, they like read novel and others literatures are they have habit like girl or you say that you are “mellow”. This matter is happened when I like read some novel recently, my roommate hate with my habit when I read novel while I watch TV. He ask to me, “”Hi andy..are you boys or girl?” and then he chirruped,” You have strange hobby like my girlfriend, you are strange boys, you do activity like girl do,  You like read novel, writing something in your diary every day, writing your problem and heart feeling in your blog, really you are mellow and tearful boys. I’m sure this is “Westlife’s song or other Galau songs ” which I often listen every you playing your laptop not “BBM prices effect that will be screamed by many people or other effect such as a forecasting that indonesia country  will be fulfilled  “tomcat animals” consequence  the exploding population this animal recently”, I laugh again, hahaha..  . You often hear mellow song, I must repair your attitude, I fear to you. Hi, boy, Don’t be crazy!!!  Remember you are civil engineer so you are not suitable with your study if you have habit like this, chirruped long my roommate.
I’m only laughing funny. “Hahahaha, I say to him that you have hurt partly of my heart, said me “lebay”, not for this moment only. I never know about myself. I like novel  and I like writing something and I like literatures. You can mean it as “sastra” in Indonesia language, friends. You can imagine how this living without “sastra”. You never find beauty of living, boys. hahaha….. You can’t shoot or persuade your girlfriend with the beautiful statement, you can’t a poet to her even you don’t have feeling laugh, cry, happy, disappointed etc. you can imagine if the entire human in the earth don’t have feeling. the literarures make me know about the living learning, it gives the life inspiration. Conclusion that “sastra” can build the humanity character and make this living be more life and colors. J
Thanks for Andrea Hirata, the “Sastra” teacher who teach life and give support and inspiration for me.

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