Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Thanks for my teacher Mr. Andrea Hirata….

When I tell you about my hobby, I must say that I like read the entire about the inspiring book. You can read many book which it will make you be the strong man or strong girl, your living be better, it make your difficult life be solved. Then, I like writing something into my small books or my diary. When I have any problems, the attractive even, the important happening even heart expression, you should call this as “curhat but not galau”, I mean with other words namely if you like or admire someone, I don’t forget to write it into my book. I don’t know when I begin to write something related to my daily activity definitely. However, when I write and try to reveal it into series letter by letter till it forms any statement, I feel throughout my problems are released, I have the freedom of expression to spill out into my writing. Sometime, I write it into my blog. You can visit and try to understanding what I write. In addition, I free write anything without the wall barriers which it will stop you. In my book diary, I only can read alone sure, it is not for publics but there are my writing willfully to share for public for instance when I write in this blog, you can see and give some advices or comments for me or If I update my status into the social networking websites, you can give comment in my facebook but you must add as my friend if you haven’t been my friend yet. You can develop writing skill if you have willing in the journalism.  So, you can get the new hobby.
Finally, I like literatures. You can mean it into Indonesia language is “Sastra”.I like read Novel. But it is not usual novel which I read. I like novel which it can rise the soul and passion. I like read novel which it give the life advices so you can know and try to increase about yourself, your problems, your achievement, your feeling to help each other, your passion, your favor etc. The conclusion, you can call it the inspiring novel. Since, I have my teacher for inspire life namely Andrea Hirata. He is the great writer in our country surely. If you read his biography, you will know how his journey till he become the great writers. Do You remember “Laskar Pelangi”?, Yes, it is his great creation which earthed his name not only in our country but also the others country.  the Tetralogi Laskar pelangi novel from Laskar pelangi, Sang pemimpi, Edensor and Maryamah Karpov, you can see his life journey in the tetralogy laskar pelangi. It is very good and inspiration me. I say thanks a lot for Andrea Hirata. You have tought me the life lesson about anything in this living. You make me smile again if I feel down. You have risen me to writing again. I have passion to achive my future feel more near. You are my idol for inspiration life.  I like your all quote such as “My father is number one, he able to change simple anything be love”. You can read his quote this bellow...(I’m sorry, it’s Indonesia not English language)

“Ku beri tahu satu rahasia padamu, kawan…
Buah paling manis dari berani bermimpi ,
Adalah kejadian-kejadian menakjubkan dalam perjalanan menggapainya…”(quote of Maryamah Karpov’s Novel)

“Jika hidup diibaratkan seperti rel kereta api dalam eksperimen relativitas Einstein, maka pengalaman hidup dapat ibaratkan sebagai cahaya yang melesat-lesat pada gerbong kereta api, relativitasnya dapat diartikan seberapa besar pelajaran yang dapat kita ambil dari sebuah pengalaman dan terus berusaha memperbaiki diri untuk menjadi yang lebih baik” (quote of Edensor’s Novel)

“Siapa yang menabur senyum, dialah yang akan menuai cinta”(quote of Maryamah Karpov’s Novel)
“Jika kau telah berupaya bekerja keras mencari sesuatu, tetapi hasil akhirnya masih tetap nihil, sebenarnya kamu telah menemukan sesuatu yang ada di dalam kamu sendiri yaitu kenyataan, yang harus dihadapi seberat apapun kenyataan itu.”(quote of Edensor’s Novel).

Thanks Andrea Hirata, I hope I can meet you someday. I will continue this life struggle to achive all my dreams. I hope you too Andrea Hirata....

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